Tayma Abdalhadi

Generation Connect- Arab Youth Envoy, ITU

Speaker Bio

Tayma is a recent ('23) graduate in International Relations and Computer Science with a professional journey that revolves around shaping user experiences through research and safety-focused design, with a particular emphasis on child online protection, accessibility, and the role of socioeconomics.

She is a dedicated technologist and advocate for advancing community technology. Known as the 'tech support guru' in her neighborhood from a young age, she compiled research at the age of 17 that produced an award-winning image-processing mechanism aimed at safeguarding online images of women and girls. And was recently one of 12 young professionals selected to be a Kofi Annan Changemaker in 2023. 

As a Generation Connect Youth Envoy with the UN specialized ICT agency ITU, Tayma actively participates in esteemed events, including the ITU Plenipotentiary, GC Youth Summit, UN DESA Expert Group on Youth Digital Engagement, and the Global Regulators Symposium.