Harri Holma

Fellow and Senior Advisor, Nokia Technology Office, Nokia

Speaker Bio

Harri Holma joined Nokia Research Center in 1994 and received his M.Sc. from Helsinki University of Technology 1995. He has been with Nokia since 1994 and has been located both in Finland and in USA during that time.

Harri is currently working as Fellow and Senior Advisor in Technology Office in Nokia with special interest on radio technologies and mobile networks. He has completed his PhD at Helsinki University of Technology 2003. Dr. Holma has edited the books "WCDMA for UMTS", "HSDPA/HSUPA for UMTS", "LTE for UMTS", “Voice over LTE”, “LTE Advanced”, “HSPA+ Evolution”, “LTE Small Cell Optimization”, “5G Technology” and “5G-Advanced”, and contributed to a number of other books in the radio communication area.