Tomohiro Otani

General Manager, Technology Strategy Division, KDDI Corporation

Speaker Bio

Tomohiro Otani is a general manager of the technological strategy division of KDDI Corporation. He is responsible for the technical strategy of KDDI’s future technologies together with R&D activities such as beyond 5G networking technologies, connected car, and IoT platform. Previously, he served as an executive vice president of KDDI Research, Inc. Prior to that, he was a general manager of Operation Support System Development Department of Operations Sector and responsible for developing the operation supporting systems (OSS) for fixed and mobile networks. Since entering KDDI, he contributed to multiple undersea cable system projects in terms of development, deployment and commissioning tests. In addition, he conducted R&D in the field of optical networking from the point of transmission, network equipment, control plane and operation for 10 years. 

He is also a Director of the Board of AECC (Automotive Edge Computing Consortium).