Carlota Pi Amoros

CEO & Co-Founder, Holaluz

Speaker Bio

Convinced that companies should be tools for changing the world, Carlota Pi believes we can all do our bit and, undoubtedly, she has been doing it for more than a decade at Holaluz. With tireless optimism and energy, she has revolutionized the Spanish electricity sector with her commitment to connect people with 100 percent green energy. Holaluz – a project which began among friends in a bar and ended up disrupting the entire energy market – aims to power the world with 100 percent green energy.

Carlota is an industrial engineer with more than 15 years experience in the electricity sector in Spain, the United States, and Germany. Conscious that the potential of women is often underestimated, Holaluz prides itself on being a 100 percent equal opportunity company and is constantly working to improve the work-life balance of its team. The company has made progress by equalizing the duration of maternity and paternity leave, offering a nursery service since 2015, and enabling quotas in some teams, such as technology.

Mother of a large family, Carlota Pi is passionate about dancing, an activity she commits to religiously each week. She also likes to ski and read. Above all though,Carlota says the best thing she does is being a mother.