Pedro A. De Alarcón

Head of UAS & Drone APIs, Open Gateway, Telefónica

Speaker Bio

Pedro joined Telefónica in 2007 and is currently the Product Manager of Enriched APIs in the Open Gateway project. Open Gateway is a GSMA-led telco industry initiative that transforms telecommunications networks into developer-ready platforms, unlocking the full power of the network. As part of his role, Pedro is working closely with the drone ecosystem and in particular in the U-SPACE framework, to adapt the network's API-based value proposition to the needs of the sector. 

Within Telefónica, Pedro has a long career as a Product Manager in different digital fields and as a Senior Data Scientist. 

Pedro is a computer engineer and has a PhD in Bioinformatics. Prior to Telefónica, Pedro developed his career in the scientific field of bioinformatics (with more than 20 publications) and was a founding partner of Integromics (now part of the Revvity group).