Dennis Anthony Uy

CEO & Co-Founder, Converge ICT Solutions Inc.

Speaker Bio

Dennis Anthony Uy is currently the CEO of Converge ICT Solutions Inc and leads several other companies in the country as well as board membership in technology companies abroad.

A self-made industrialist, Mr. Uy started doing business in his teens with a Betamax and VHS rental shop that eventually evolved into cable television which he founded right after the Mt. Pinatubo eruption in his hometown Pampanga, located north of Manila.

With an eye for the future and a mind for innovation, Mr. Uy implemented the first ever data-over-cable service in the Central Luzon region with ComClark Network and Technology Corporation. The company gradually expanded its customer base, its suite of services, and its expertise in ICT.

Going from strength to strength, Mr. Uy together with his wife Grace founded fiber internet and technology solutions provider Converge ICT Solutions Inc. in 2007 and eventually listed the company in the Philippine Stock Exchange in 2020 at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic as one of the biggest initial public offerings (IPOs) at that time, which they used to expand the company nationwide.

Mr. Uy’s dream for digital transformation may have begun in Central Luzon, but it took off in Metro Manila. In 2013, Converge launched the Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) fixed broadband services and entered Metro Manila, the nation’s capital. From there, he focused his efforts on building up the fiber network of Converge, while competitors were battling it out in other technology spaces such as wireless broadband or DSL.

With his pure-fiber broadband network increasingly growing to serve the demand for high-speed and affordable internet connectivity solutions, Mr. Uy ensures that his business portfolio and organizational core capabilities adapt to the needs of the changing local and global industry ecosystems.

Recognized as a game-changer and a futurist in his field,  Mr. Uy was named as the Entrepreneur of the Year and Master Entrepreneur at the prestigious Entrepreneur of the Year Philippines 2022 Awards organized by EY Philippines through the SGV Foundation. He represented the country during the June 2023 World Entrepreneur Awards held in Monaco.

Mr. Uy has also garnered the Master Entrepreneur Award at the 2020 Asia Pacific Enterprise Awards (APEA), and the Entrepreneur of the Year Award handed out at the 11th Asia CEO Awards (ACA) that same year. In 2021, Mr. Uy has again been awarded the Master Entrepreneur at the 2021 APEA Regional Edition. The Converge CEO was also named as among PeopleAsia Magazine's "Men Who Matter" in June 2021, recognizing future-ready entrepreneurs, leaders, and artists.

With Converge hitting its stride in 2016 and seeing momentous growth since, Mr. Uy is set to bring the company to new heights after completing its nationwide domestic fiber backbone in 2021 and embarking into international operations with investments in upcoming two major international submarine cable systems. These will bring him closer to realizing his vision of bringing world-class broadband services to all Filipinos and #LeaveNoOneBehind in the race towards digitalization.