Mikael Schachne

CRO Enterprise, BICS

Speaker Bio

Mikaël Schachne joined the international division of Belgacom in 2001 which was then spun-off and merged with Swisscom International and MTN International to become BICS. After having successfully led the product and business development and management of new international mobile data services such as Signalling, IPX, SMS Hubbing, MMS Hubbing, Instant and Open Connectivity Roaming Hubbing and SIM for Things he’s now the Chief Revenue Officer for Enterprise Sales at BICS. The portfolio which has been built across the last 20 years is now supporting international mobile communications needs for more than 700 Mobile Operators, MVNOs, OTTs, OEMs and Digital Enterprises across the world.

Mikaël Schachne previously worked for Winstar Europe and Mobistar where he gains extensive expertise in the implementation of telecommunications networks in the fields of GSM, GPRS, Wireless Local Loop, IP and SS7.

He’s graduated from the Brussels University Applied Science Faculty (Belgium) as a Civil Electrical Engineer specialised in Electronic and Telecommunications and holds a master in Business-to-Business Marketing from the Vlerick Management School in Leuven (Belgium).