Raadjkoemar Matai

Chief Scientist, Optical Fibre, YOFC

Speaker Bio

Presently Raadj Matai is the Chief Scientist Optical fibre of YOFC.

He received his BS degree in Chemical Engineering in the Netherlands in 1984. He started his optical fibre career at Philips Optical Fibre in Eindhoven, Netherlands, in 1985. Since 1992, he has been working in YOFC in various positions like Technical manager, Production manager, Technology Director, Deputy General Manager and Chief Scientist optical fibre. During his career, he was involved in numerous product and process development projects related to single mode, multi-mode and Specialty optical fibres, e.g. low attenuation product series, low PMD single mode & Specialty fibres, large size preforms, G.652, G.653, G.654 ultra-low loss, G.656 and G.657 product series, etc.