Caroline Masboungi

Gender-Based Violence Specialist, Technology & Innovations, UNICEF

Speaker Bio

Caroline Masboungi is a Gender-Based Violence (GBV) Specialist at UNICEF, based in Geneva. She leads UNICEF’s GBViE innovations and service delivery workstream at global level. She manages intricate portfolios including pivotal projects like “Laaha,” a virtual safe space platform for girls and women and digital referral pathway app (eRPW), leveraging advanced technologies to protect and empower women and girls. With over 14 years of comprehensive experience, Caroline’s work spans across Africa, Asia, and the Middle East, focusing on GBV prevention, response, and fight against impunity of sexual violence. Prior to joining UNICEF, Caroline worked with organizations such as the International Organization for Migration (IOM), the International Rescue Committee (IRC) and OHCHR which reflects her holistic understanding of humanitarian response to GBV and her unwavering commitment to women and girls through innovative, gender-sensitive, and effective strategies, paving the way for GBV humanitarian innovation.