Mohamed El Sahili

CVO, Medland Health Services

Speaker Bio

Dr. Mohamed El Sahili was born in Saida, Lebanon. After completing his high school education, he moved to Toulouse for two years before returning to Beirut to finalize his studies in medicine at the Lebanese University. His medical journey didn't stop there; he obtained further specialty in Anesthesia and Reanimation at Beirut Arab University after which he relocated to Geneva to kickstart his career and delve into the studies of Anti-Aging Medicine.


During his university years, Dr. El Sahili joined numerous non-governmental organizations within the fields of patients care and disability. Working on various projects during this time allowed him to shape his humanitarian perspective. His passion for awareness led to his collaboration with multiple UN agencies to write and produce a musical titled “Ensan” back in 2005. This project focused on amplifying awareness about HIV and AIDS-related issues among the general population.


In September 2014, Dr. El Sahili took a major career turn and joined a family business in Lusaka, Zambia. In his role as CEO for Fairy Bottling Zambia, he served until its acquisition by The Coca-Cola Company in February 2019. This tenure was marked with the meticulous planning, designing, and implementation of the Medland Hospital setup. Concurrently, he worked on the acquisition of bottling businesses in Zambia and 13 other countries. This tremendous effort led to what is considered one of the largest FMCG acquisitions in the Southern Africa region. His impactful work was recognized in 2018 when he was awarded the Africa Food Industry Champion in Kenya.


In his commitment to public service, Dr El Sahili chaired the Lusaka Water Security Initiative for three years (2016-2018). This initiative, which combined forces across the public and private sectors, as well as international organizations, sought to enable people's right to access clean and clear water.


Medland Hospital opened its doors in August 2019 under his leadership, but was soon hit by the global COVID-19 pandemic. This crisis served as a turning point for Dr. El Sahili. Once an advocate for affordable quality care, he now emphasized the need to ensure that healthcare is not only affordable but also accessible. It renewed his perspective around healthcare, shifting from a patient-centered to a people-centered approach, from specialized complex healthcare systems to a focus on a more holistic approach that caters to everyone's health needs.


Dr. Mohamed El Sahili is a dedicated professional committed to improving healthcare systems not just in developing nations but also in developed regions. With a keen focus on primary care, Dr. El Sahili recognizes the challenges facing healthcare service provision, especially for marginalized individuals, the lower-class society, and people living in rural areas, and seeks to address these. To this end, Dr. El Sahili established, during the pandemic, a network of health units known as QHUB, an innovative solution designed to increase screening, treatment, and preventive capacity in the fight against COVID-19. 


The novel approach and tireless efforts have not gone unnoticed; they have culminated in Dr. El Sahili receiving multiple national and international honours. These include the highly esteemed Waterfalls Global Award and the Community Service Medal awarded by the Ministry of Interior in the United Arab Emirates. Following the ceremony, Dr. Mohamed El Sahili and fellow awardees were received by His Highness, Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed.


This recognition served as a turning point in Dr. El Sahili’s professional journey, stoking a personal desire to drive forward more avidly with the belief that the future is accessible today, and no goal is impossible. Dr. El Sahili credits this renewed vision and humanistic devotion to the enduring legacy of Sheikh Zayed, whose influential spirit has been a guiding light throughout Dr. El Sahili's illustrious career.


A visionary and dynamic leader, Dr. Mohamed El Sahili continues to reshape healthcare as we enter a post-pandemic era. With a firm belief in sustainability, he has recognized the critical need for revamping the response units established during the COVID-19 crisis to align with future challenges. 


Underpinning Dr. El Sahili's approach to healthcare is a strong focus on the nexus between climate change and artificial intelligence. As an entrepreneur and innovator, he is at the forefront of the Vision 853, an initiative focused on a Triple W approach – targeting Women and Youth Empowerment, Water and Waste Management, and Wellness and Health.


Because of his commitment to this human-centered vision for change, Dr. El Sahili applies these principles across multiple sectors and endeavors. Currently, he leads a wide array of companies: Medland Health Services, a hospitality company Hospiservices Plus, a pharmaceutical enterprise Pharmaland, and a fresh consultancy venture, The Healthcare Studio. This entrepreneurial spirit is extended to his strategic investments in various burgeoning startups.


Dr. El Sahili is deepening his insights in sustainability through continued education. He is currently pursuing a Master's in Sustainable Humanitarian Action at UCAM University, Murcia, Spain, in partnership with DIHAD College.


In his commitment to social responsibility, Dr. El Sahili has created a unifying platform for these activities, the Care and Aim Network for Humanity. His unwavering efforts are unified by an overarching vision: an agile, green healthcare sector that ensures a sustainable community for generations to come. Every step Dr. Mohamed El Sahili takes exemplifies his dedication to a better, healthier global society.