Andy Aitken

CEO & Co-Founder, Honest

Speaker Bio

Andy is CEO and Co-Founder of Honest Mobile, the network doing mobile right.

Before Honest, Andy was Co-Founder at Propel by Deloitte, where he grew the team to 50 and achieved £4m ARR. He started Honest with Josh Mihill in 2019, spurred on by the belief that there’s a better way to do mobile for both people and planet.

Having built its original tech ecosystem from scratch, Andy now oversees Honest’s commercial success. Under his leadership, the business has become the UK’s first B-Corp mobile network and one of the top-rated on Trustpilot.

Outside of work, you can probably find Andy being shouted at by a PT at the gym, fitting yet another base unit in the kitchen, or chasing a dinosaur with his daughter.