Frehiwot Tamru

CEO, Ethio Telecom

Speaker Bio

Frehiwot Tamru is the Chief Executive Officer of Ethio telecom, ranked as the second-largest operator in Africa with a 73 million subscriber base.


At Ethio Telecom, we are going beyond basic connectivity. As a CEO recognizing the crucial role of mobile technology in promoting inclusive and sustainable development, our team is committed to harnessing its potential for maximum impact.


In our aspiration to promote a digitally empowered Ethiopia and a thriving digital economy, we introduced telebirr, a mobile money platform, in 2021 to boost productivity, efficiency, and competitiveness in the country's economy. Telebirr has achieved remarkable milestones in the span of two years, acquiring a customer base of over 40 million and transacting more than 1.6 trillion Ethiopian birr.


Together, we can harness the power of mobile technology to drive more inclusive and sustainable growth.