Gary Waite

Product Evangelist & Strategist, NetLync

Speaker Bio

Gary has been in mobile for over 30 years. Early in this career, via a start-up company, he designed what became the de facto standard SIM & Mobile test/diagnostic tool for the entire mobile industry. He worked within Telefónica group, advising on a number of technology areas on which he is expert:, including SIM, M2M/IoT, NFC and Mobile Wallet. More recently, whilst at the GSMA, Gary was instrumental in making their recently published M2M eSIM (SGP.02) technical specification the de-facto standard for the industry. He then managed the development of the equivalent consumer eSIM technical specification (SGP.22), which is implemented in most mobile devices today. Today, Gary is helping revolutionise the world of device entitlements at another start-up company, NetLync.