Maria Lema

CEO, Weaver Labs

Speaker Bio

Maria is a co-founder and CEO of Weaver Labs. She’s a strategic leader driven by a profound mission—to revolutionize the world through technology. With a career rooted in the telecoms sector, she has thrived amid the dynamic technological landscape, leveraging powerful partnerships to drive success. Maria's vision led to the establishment of Weaver Labs, where she has navigated the rapidly evolving telecoms industry, strategically steering Weaver Labs' growth trajectory. She’s also an advisor to the UK Telecoms Innovation Network and acknowledged as one of the "20 Women to Watch in Telecoms 2022". 

Before spearheading Weaver Labs, Maria led the 5G Tactile Internet Lab at King's College London, an innovation lab that played a pivotal role in introducing cutting-edge technologies from conception to real-world applications. Her leadership catalyzed transformation across diverse sectors such as healthcare, automotive, and gaming, driving digital revolution.