Kristin Gilkes

Global Innovation Quantum Leader, EY

Speaker Bio

Kristin Gilkes is the EY Global Quantum Leader and oversees EY's Global Quantum Technology Lab. The lab is focused on quantum computing, sensing, and hybrid AI+Quantum algorithms. Kristin’s team supports clients, public and private, helping establish their quantum strategy, implementation and execution. She advocates for sound, methodical approaches to advanced computing, achieving quantum utility in combination with artificial intelligence. Kristin has established the EY Quantum Ecosystem, a curated group of the world’s leading quantum technology, government and academic institutions – such as IBM, Dell, Microsoft, Quintessence Labs, Crypt, Q-Ctrl and SandboxAQ. 

Kristin is a globally recognized voice in both quantum technology and illicit finance. With a focus on bio-facial recognition, Kristin leads teams that use this technology, AI, data and analytics to help clients combat financial crime and illicit activity, including money laundering, terrorism, fraud, and drug/human trafficking. Kristin has built the first advanced computing fraud detection engine for EY. 

Before EY, Kristin was the Chief Data Scientist of the Legal & Compliance Division of Morgan Stanley and Head of GFCC Technology and Model Management at JP Morgan. In 2021, Kristin contributed to the final report of the US's National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence.  

Kristin has a Ph.D. in Quantum Decision Sciences; and most recently, a graduate diploma in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Oxford. 

Kristin is an Associate Fellow of the University of Oxford.  She serves her community on the Children's National Hospital Foundation Auxiliary Board in Washington, DC. She is a former advisory board member of Lamborghini Automobili. Her background includes previous service on the board of advisors for Blackguard Inc., a bio-facial recognition software firm. Her professional association involvement includes service as a board member of the NY ACAMS Chapter, the largest chapter of the international AML and financial crime prevention community. Kristin is an active alumnus of Texas A&M University through the Letterman's Association. Kristin was formerly an Adjunct Professor of Law, Senior Practitioner of Financial Integrity Law, Cyber and Illicit Finance Analytics, and was a Member of the Professional Advisory Committee of the Financial Integrity Institute at Case Western Reserve University.   

Kristin recently authored and illustrated a children's book, Tell Me Henry, inspired by the peaceful protests around the world against racial injustice.