Jim Dukhovny

CEO, Alef Aeronautics

Speaker Bio

Jim Dukhovny is the CEO of Alef Aeronautics, a sustainable electric transportation company that is designing and developing the world's first flying car. Dukhovny has received education from UC Berkeley, Santa Clara University, and Stanford University. Influenced by his father, Leonid Dukhovny, a well-known singer-songwriter, poet, scientist, and avid science fiction lover, Jim Dukhovny has created a number of organizations spanning the entertainment, software, and non-profit industries. Among his notable achievements, Dukhovny co-founded and led startups such as Intellectual Casino, Transcoder, DjWizard Presents, was the president of the Science Fiction Society of Silicon Valley and contributed to the architecture of Windows 10, Walmart's online imaging system, and a number of Yahoo products. In 2015, Dukhovny, together with Constantine Kisly, Pavel Markin, and Oleg Petrov, founded Alef Aeronautics to develop the world's first flying car. The prototype of this car successfully debuted in 2022 and through pre-sales became the world's best-selling aircraft in 2023.