Johanne Lemay

Co-President, LYA

Speaker Bio

Ms. Lemay has more than 30 years of experience in the industry and is a recognized expert in telecommunications and broadcasting. Her expertise covers development of business plans, valuation, due diligence, spectrum matters, market research and expert evidence. Ms. Lemay has supported clients in the US, Europe, North Africa, Latin America and Canada.


Ms. Lemay is the lead consultant for Private Auctions conducted by LYA for clients disposing of spectrum licenses and other assets.


Ms. Lemay is actively involved in consultations for the development of public policy. She has acted as an Expert Witness in regulatory proceedings and litigations. Recent expert evidence mandates were focused on broadband subsidies in rural and remote areas, wireless siting, mid-band 5G spectrum, national roaming, television and over-the-top services, benchmarking investment in broadband and the regulatory framework for MVNOs. Ms. Lemay has also provided expert evidence on the valuation of specific spectrum licemnses. 


She has supported clients in successfully acquiring subsidy funds for broadband deployment in rural areas in the US as in Canada under different types of award processes including reverse auctions. 


She is co-leader of the development of the LYA Auction Platforms that support Combinatorial Clock Auctions (CCA), Simultaneous Multiple Round Ascending (SMRA) Auctions, Sealed Bid Auctions as well as Clock Auctions.


Prior to co-founding LYA, Ms. Lemay held a number of positions in marketing and product management with Nortel Networks. Ms. Lemay holds an Engineering Physics degree from Laval University and an MBA, Executive Option, from Concordia University in Montreal.