Nauman Khan

Telecom Cyber Security Consultant, T-ISAC Member

Speaker Bio

Nauman Khan is a Lead Telecom Cyber Security Consultant, specializing in Threat Intelligence and Offensive Security for 2G – 5G Networks. With over 19 years in Telecom Networks, including a dedicated 13 years in Telecom Cyber Security, Nauman excels in Intelligence Gathering, Threat Analysis, Security Assessments and the art of connecting the dots.

He is actively involved with GSMA and serves as a member of the Governance Team of GSMA T-ISAC. He has shared his expertise through impactful talks at various GSMA and other global events.

In his previous assignments, Nauman contributed his expertise to Mobilink, Nokia, and Siemens, focusing on C-Level Technical Reporting, Network Performance and Quality of Service, Business Intelligence, Analytics, Core Network Deployment, and Software Development.

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