Gadi Solotorevsky

Head of Data Engineering, (G)AI and ML, Amdocs Data Intelligence, Amdocs

Speaker Bio

Dr. Gadi Solotorevsky is a well-known industry thought-leader in telecommunications, specializing in AI, machine learning, and business assurance, and is currently spearheading AI, machine-learning and generative-AI projects in Amdocs’ Data Services Unit. He holds a PhD. in AI, is recognized as a Distinguished Fellow of the TM Forum industry association and is also the inventor of multiple patents relating to AI/Machine Learning, big data, and user anonymity.

Previously, he served as the CTO of cVidya, a company specializing in Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management, which was acquired by and has since been incorporated into Amdocs. Dr. Solotorevsky also founded Yokaranda, a company dedicated to monitoring the performance of AI/ML applications.

In addition to these roles, he co-leads the business-assurance activities at the TM Forum, contributing significantly to their development of industry best practices, and has also led several award-winning TM Forum Business-Assurance catalysts, predominantly around machine learning.