Zivile Einikyte

Creator & Events Host, Perception Paradox

Speaker Bio

Zivile Einikyte is a seasoned event host who brings energy and insightful moderation at international tech and innovation forums. As the creator of the Perception Paradox podcast, she dives into the heart of Europe's startup ecosystem, spotlighting the inspiring journeys of underdog founders and fostering conversations that challenge and expand our perceptions of life and technology.

Zivile's dedication to diversity and innovation has led her to curate and lead discussions that not only inform but also inspire change and growth. Zivile believes that everyone can make a difference in the world through thoughtful design and entrepreneurship.

Beyond her work, Zivile embraces the thrill of adventure as an avid (kite)surfer and motorbike enthusiast, embodying the spirit of exploration and freedom that she brings to every endeavor.