Yue Wang

Head of 6G Research, Samsung Research UK

Speaker Bio

Yue Wang is the Head of 6G/Advanced Network Research at Samsung Research UK, where she leads the research on cutting edge 5G and 6G network technologies such as system architecture, AI-native networks and O-RAN. 

Yue is widely recognised for her extensive technical expertise, strategic and thought leadership in 5G, 6G, and AI within the telecommunication industry.  She is the Chair of UKTIN AI Expert Working Group, where she has the honour to lead a group of highly respected experts analysing telco AI’s forward-looking opportunities and challenges across technology, business, economy, and society. She has also led large scale (19 partners, 8M EURO) H2020 project, is an inventor of numerous patents, and a frequent speaker in conferences, having recently presented in events such as MWC and TMF DTW. 

Her contributions to telco AI standardisation includes being delegates of ETSI ENI and O-RAN WG3, and served as Secretary and Rappetour of ETSI ENI in 2017-2019. In recognitions for her contribution and expertise, she has received the  ETSI ENI Award for her ‘extraordinary contributions’ in 2019, and is an assessor for O-RAN nGRG  in 2023. 

Prior to joining Samsung, Yue held various roles in the US and the UK, all on Communications Research and Standards. Yue received her PhD from University of Victoria, Canada.