The Future of Telecoms


Mon, 26 Feb: 16:00 - 16:45 CEST

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Tecnotree - Exhibition Stand 5F81, Hall 5

Session Description

The future of technology is here, right now. 2024 will certainly bring significant changes in the technology space that will continue to transform our daily lives and reshape the landscape of businesses in fundamental ways. Use cases and ecosystems also continue to grow and evolve.

The horizon of 2024 holds the promise of breakthroughs and innovations in AIML, Fintech, IoT partnership ecosystems, digital customer experiences, 5G, edge and enterprise monetization. The telecoms landscape is being redefined by these technologies and they have a fantastic chance to take advantage of this and realise its full potential.

In this session we will elaborate on how technology is expected to impact people and businesses in the future:

• Customer experience and AI – how will the new AI technology shape the customer experience in 2024
• The combination of IoT, Private 5G, and edge computing will enable organizations to gain real-time insights and make better decisions
• How will fintech grow this year with wider range of AI applications, growth in sustainable payments, shift of revenue models to SaaS, etc
• How Enterprises will use new and innovative tools and solutions and technologize to modernize their operations
• Different companies are transforming themselves at different paces with different levels of commitment. How to transform from telco to techco

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