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Connected Futures: Telcos’ Techco Odyssey


Tue, 27 Feb: 16:30 - 18:30 CEST

Invitation Required


MWC Roundtable Room 1, North Protocol Rooms, Hall North Entrance

Session Description

Dive deep into the evolution of telecommunications companies as we unravel the compelling journey from telco to techco. Beyond the realms of 5G networks, this transformation paints a vivid picture of adaptability and innovation in a digital era. 
In this exploration, telcos are metamorphosing into techcos, expanding their horizons beyond mere connectivity. Embracing 5G networks as a foundation, these techcos delve into groundbreaking realms such as IoT, edge computing, and augmented/virtual reality. They are architects of a connected ecosystem, transcending traditional services. 
Crucially, this shift demands a paradigm change. Techcos invest in data analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, capitalizing on vast data streams for personalized services and fortified network security. Collaboration becomes key, fostering partnerships with startups and other stakeholders to foster continuous innovation. 
Moreover, embracing agility, sustainability, and green technologies, techcos are redefining their role in the digital landscape. This talk delves into this transformative narrative, shedding light on the future of techcos and their pivotal role in shaping a hyper-connected world. Join us as we unravel the telco to techco story, a narrative defining the future of telecommunications. 

During this workshop, we will hear from telco leaders around the world about how they are transforming to become a TechCo and the critical steps required to advance their journey. 

Learn about the 3 TechCo models: Dominating Powerhouse, Ecosystem Enabler and Innovative Trailblazer and come out with a refreshed transformation approach for your organisation. You’ll also get a sneak-peak into our analyst and industry inspired Telco to TechCo maturity assessment. 

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