Planning is Crucial for the Sustainability of the RAN


Tue, 27 Feb: 16:30 - 18:30 CEST

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MWC Networking Hub, Hall 6

Session Description

EDX Wireless brings you a fireside chat in collaboration with GSMA Intelligence and Ericsson to explore the telecommunications industry's pivotal role in reducing the global carbon footprint and fostering sustainability. According to GSMA Intelligence, the Radio Access Network (RAN) access is a major contributor of carbon emissions in the network, accounting for 72% of energy consumption and consequently impacting the overall carbon footprint. The urgency for operators to develop strategic approaches to energy consumption becomes evident, especially in the context of 5G rollouts and infrastructure replacements.

An in-depth examination reveals the critical influence of environmental factors, on site energy consumption, emphasizing the need for continuous systems to maintain optimal working temperatures amidst climate changes. Highlighting the intricate factors involving power, frequency, and loading, all while closely examining the sustainability of hardware. Questions arise regarding the ecological impact of current hardware, and the potential improvements in carbon footprint associated with the implementation of new sites and models.

The industry encourages contemplation regarding how network owners can evaluate the impact of each site on the overall environmental footprint of the network. This facilitates well-informed and dependable decision-making processes to promote a more sustainable telecommunications ecosystem.

EDX Wireless will be showcasing their latest sustainability features that enable users to assess the energy efficiently of their network today and in the future.

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