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Payments Innovation: The Critical Catalyst for Business Model Evolution


Wed, 28 Feb: 13:00 - 15:00 CEST

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MWC Roundtable Room 1, North Protocol Rooms, Hall North Entrance

Session Description

Join J.P. Morgan Payments for an insightful exploration of how payments innovation serves as the linchpin in the business model evolution, ensuring these innovations not only stay relevant but also deliver maximum value to businesses and their customers. 


In today’s dynamic landscape, organisations are undergoing significant transformations to unlock new revenue streams and tap into previously untapped customer bases. The pursuit of enhanced customer experiences is a driving force behind this evolution. A pivotal element in ensuring the success of these transformative journeys lies in the strategic focus on the payments layer, and what it enables.  This session delves into the inseparable connection between business model innovation and payments evolution, with a particular emphasis on the emergence of embedded payments and finance. Participants will explore how businesses are strategically integrating innovative payment solutions to not only facilitate financial transactions but also to revolutionise their entire business models. 


Key topics: 

- Payments as a cornerstone: understanding the pivotal role of payments in the broader context of business model innovation 

- Unlocking new revenue streams: exploring how businesses are leveraging payments innovation to access previously untapped markets and revenue opportunities 

- Enhancing customer experience: discussing the symbiotic relationship between payments innovation and elevated customer experiences, and how seamless transactions contribute to customer satisfaction 

- The rise of embedded payments and finance: Unpacking the concept of embedded payments and finance and its transformative impact on traditional business models 

- Challenges and Opportunities: Addressing the hurdles organisations face in integrating payments innovation and uncovering opportunities that arise from overcoming these challenges 

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