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Telecom Executive Roundtable: What is the Role of Telecom in Today's Data Economy?


Tue, 27 Feb: 09:00 - 11:00 CEST

Invitation Required


MWC Roundtable Room 1, North Protocol Rooms, Hall North Entrance

Session Description

Join Snowflake and industry experts for an executive roundtable at Mobile World Congress. 


The constant connectivity of both people and things is generating a massive amount of data, with the potential to unlock substantial new economic value. Telecom Operators providing connectivity services, sit at the crossroads of the new data economy. With greater access to data than any single business today, Telecom Service Providers are in a unique position to play a key role connecting people & things to data, accelerating industry data collaboration & enabling value creation.  


What is the role of the Telecom Service Provider in the new data economy and what new data monetization opportunities will open up for Operators who are willing to lead? What does leadership look like and how can Telecom Service Providers get there from here? 


Please join us to uncover answers to these questions, capture industry insights and learn more about the opportunity ahead.  


Supporting topics for discussion will also include:  

- Navigating industry & technology headwinds and tailwinds. 

- The critical role of AI in the current & future Telecom data economy.  

- Supercharging data collaboration – key learnings from Telecom Operators. 

- Data & application monetization strategies.  

- Intent based data privacy & security. 

- The ecosystem as an innovation engine

- Building a data-driven foundation for 6G and beyond. 

- Navigating Industry regulation and compliance.  


Spaces are limited, please register your interest here.  


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