Partner Programmes

Accelerate Industrial Intelligence-Huawei - Theatre 5 - Day 1


Mon, 26 Feb: 12:30 - 18:00 CEST

Invitation Required


Partner Theatre 5, Hall 8.0 – 4YFN & Partner Theatres

Session Description



Service Session


ICT Services and Software Enable Industrial Intelligence


The session aims to (1) accelerate the implementation of digital and intelligent transformation; (2) demonstrate Huawei's delivery reliability and service capabilities on ICT infrastructure planning, construction, maintenance, optimization, and training; (3) showcase Huawei's solutions and partners on full-stack lifecycle services; (4) convey value and social value through best practices in various industries.




Manufacturing and Large Enterprise Session


Delve into Industries, Creating a Better, Greener, and Smarter Future


Digital and intelligent transformation has become a must for enterprises. Focusing on digital trends and industry requirements, Huawei works with customers and partners to analyze industry scenarios at depth and share digital transformation ideas and practices for automotive, electronics, new energy, retail, and light industry enterprises. The goal is to improve business efficiency and competitiveness, creating a better, greener, and smarter future for enterprises.




Healthcare Session


Consolidating the Digital Foundation to Accelerate Intelligent Healthcare


The session focuses on healthcare industry customers' challenges in ICT infrastructure, medical imaging, and hospital management. Huawei will invite customers to share success cases, and launch the Digital Health Community to promote solutions such as medical technology digitalization, one hospital multiple branches, and smart hospital campus, leading the digital and intelligent transformation of the healthcare industry.

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