Diversity 4 Tech

EdTech: Creating Opportunities and Training Equity in the Workplace


Wed, 28 Feb: 10:30 - 11:00 CEST

Open to All


MWC Debate Stage, Hall 6

Session Description

This session will explore the transformative potential of educational technology (EdTech) in promoting equal opportunities and training equity within the workplace and delve into the various ways in which EdTech can be utilized to bridge skill gaps, provide accessible and personalized learning experiences, and empower individuals from diverse backgrounds to thrive in their careers. 

Attendees will learn about innovative EdTech solutions as well as addressing the challenges and considerations associated with implementing EdTech initiatives, including accessibility, digital divide, and data privacy. We all know EdTech is valuable, but how can it be leveraged to create a more equitable and inclusive workplace, fostering continuous learning and professional growth for all employees.

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