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I C Talent: Nurturing excellence in a digital world

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Mon, 26 Feb: 15:00 - 17:30 CEST

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CC3.13, Hall 3

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We are pleased to announce that Huawei will once again host its MWC Talent Summit in Barcelona during MWC 2024.

Digital talent is a key driver of digital transformation, solid economic growth, and a better quality of life. Since 2008, Huawei has provided a wide and expanding range of talent programs working with partners around the world. Every year, literally tens of thousands of people of all ages worldwide acquire valuable digital skills with Huawei and its partners.

This Summit at MWC is special because it brings together representatives from governments, international organizations, universities, companies, journalists and students. MWC provides a unique stage to review our global talent cultivation efforts and how we can move further together with our partners.

In line with MWC’s core digital development theme, we plan this year to discuss how ICT talent development enables digital inclusion and sustainable development. The event will also feature:

Governmental views on talent ecosystem development
Projects and best practices of Huawei and its partners in recent years
Creative innovations and leadership from the younger generation
Outstanding achievements by women in the technology field.

It is our great pleasure to invite you to attend the Summit on 26th February 2024 in Barcelona (starting at 15:00 local time).

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