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5.5G Core Summit

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Mon, 26 Feb: 10:30 - 12:30 CEST

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CC3.13, Hall 3

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The 5.5G Core Summit will be held in Barcelona on February 26. The theme of the summit is "5.5G Core, Intelligence lights up the world".


3GPP established the 5G-Advanced project in 2021 to further refine the standard definition of 5G. Based on the 5G-Advanced standard and integrating more new ICT technologies, 5.5G Core is proposed to build a mobile network that can continuously enable new businesses. After more than two years of technology exploration and ecosystem and standard promotion, 5.5G Core has demonstrated its technical value and potential. The industry direction is clear and commercial conditions are ready. 2024 will be the first year of 5.5G commercial deployment. At this summit, we will gather 200 heavyweight guests from industry partners, including industry organizations, carriers, and equipment suppliers to share their experience in network construction and service innovation, discuss the industry development direction, and offer suggestions for jointly building a 5.5G core network oriented to new services.



10:30 ~ 10:40 Opening Speech

10:40 ~ 10:50 5G Advanced Whitepaper Introduction and Trends

10:50 ~ 11:00 5.5G Intelligent Core Enable New Business

11:00 ~ 11:10 Standard for 5.5G Packet Core

11:10 ~ 11:20 5.5G Core-oriented 5G SA evolution

11:20 ~ 11:30 5.5G Intelligent Core Network Facilitates Automated Driving

11:30 ~ 11:40 CTM B2B Practices and Reflections on the Future Intelligent Era

11:40 ~ 11:55 Differentiated Experience based Intelligent Operation

11:55 ~ 12:00 5G-A MoQ Joint Innovation Action Plan and Test Results Release

12:00 ~ 12:10 Fastweb Voice Core Evolution Strategy

12:10 ~ 12:20 Multi-Modal Communication Boost Voice Industry New Growth

12:20 ~ 12:30 Build Network-Level High Stability and Reshape Cloud-based Intelligent O&M


Doors Open: 09:30

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