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5G Futures Summit - The Evolution of the 5G Era

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Wed, 28 Feb: 08:30 - 13:00 CEST

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MWC Stage C, Hall 6

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The advent of 5G networks has emerged as a powerful catalyst for innovation in the global mobile industry. With 5G connections surpassing 640 million in 2023 and projected to soar to nearly 3 billion by 2025 following commercial deployment of 5G-Advanced technologies, the 5G Futures Summit offers a collaborative exploration of the most crucial themes within the 5G era and what we can expect from 5G networks in 2024 and beyond.


The summit promises to bring together experts across a range of topics including GSMA Open Gateway, 5G-Advanced, 5G Standalone, 5G New Calling, Edge Computing and Private Networks.


Attendees can expect to gain valuable insights, practical knowledge, and a clear vision of how 5G will shape the future for mobile operators services and the broader business landscape.



08:30 - 09:20 - Networking Breakfast
09:20 - 09:30 - Audience takes their seat for the Summit to begin

09:30 - 10:30 - Session 1: 5G Monetisation with GSMA Open Gateway
10-minute interval
10:40 - 11:50 - 
Session 2: Towards a Standalone Future with 5G-Advanced
10-minute interval
12:00 - 13:00 - 
Session 3: Revolutionising Operator Services with Edge Compute and Private Networks


Session 1: 5G monetisation with GSMA Open Gateway

Explore the power of open APIs, collaboration with developer communities, and the potential for groundbreaking applications in the 5G era. Industry leaders will share insights on accelerating the adoption of 5G through the open Gateway initiative and how it can increase agility and speed of innovation whilst opening new revenue streams for mobile operators, making it an essential discussion for those looking to thrive in the evolving mobile operator market.


Moderator: Henry Calvert, Head of Network, GSMA 


Keynote speakers:

Ross Ortega, VP of Product Management, Azure for Operators, Microsoft 

Savinay Berry, EVP, Product and Engineering, Vonage

Saad Syed, CEO, Chenosis



Saad Syed, CEO, Chenosis

Nathan Rader, VP Service and Capability Exposure, Deutsche Telekom

David Del Val Latorre, Director of Open Gateway, Telefonica


Session 2: Towards a Standalone Future with 5G-Advanced

The next phase of 3GPP’s 5G standardisation process promises a dawn of new innovations with the advent of 5G-Advanced that could catapult 5G Standalone networks and associated new services. This session will focus on the evolution of 5G networks and associated capabilities following the release of 3GPP's Relase 18, offering a roadmap for what lies ahead and how to get there. Participants will discover how early adoption and strategic planning can position operators to gain a competitive edge and provide a comprehensive overview of the latest 5G applications, including the exciting world of 5G New Calling.


Moderator: Barbara Pareglio, Senior Technical Director, GSMA


Keynote speakers:

Marwan Bin Shakar, SVP Access Network Development, e& UAE

Mohammed Abdulaziz AlNujaidi, Engineering Executive General Manager, Zain KSA

Rajen Vagadia , VP, Business Development, Qualcomm



Mahmoud Sherif, VP, Head of Innovation and Technico-Business Development, du

John Gao, President of 5.5G Domain, Huawei

Fran Heeran, Senior Vice President & General Manager - Core Networks, Nokia 

Michael Zirkle, Vice President, 5G Commercialization, Verizon Business Group


Session 3: Revolutionising Operator Services with Edge Compute and Private Networks

Unlock new revenue streams and opportunities by embracing edge computing and private networks. This session will showcase successful use cases and deployment strategies, illustrating how operators can provide tailored solutions with new differentiated services leveraging 5G and edge to diverse industries and enterprises. The session will showcase how operators can tailor solutions to meet the specific needs of diverse industries and enterprises and help mobile network operators to align costs with revenues.


Moderator: Mark Cornall, Technical Director, GSMA


Keynote speakers:

Bob Everson, Senior Director, Provider Mobility, Cisco



Bob Everson, Senior Director, Provider Mobility, Cisco

Lara Grohe, Project management IPCEI CIS for DTAG, DT

Juan Carlos Garcia, SVP Technology Innovation and Ecosystem, Telefonica

Andrea Calvi, Head of Technology Evolution and Innovation, TIM



Who should attend the 5G Futures Summit:

Telecommunication Operators: Executives, strategists, and leaders from telecom operators seeking to understand the full potential and value of 5G for their operations.


Business Leaders: CIOs, CTOs, COOs, and business owners looking to gain insights into how 5G technology can reimagine operations, create new revenue streams, and drive innovation in industry and enterprise.


Industry Experts: Experts from diverse sectors such as healthcare, manufacturing, logistics, and more interested in harnessing 5G's capabilities for industry-specific applications and advancements.


Government and Regulatory Representatives: Officials and policymakers involved in understanding and regulating 5G connectivity and networks for operators and the broader business and consumer landscape.


Innovators and Startups: Entrepreneurs, innovators, and startups looking to understand how 5G technology can disrupt existing business models and create new opportunities.


Industry Analysts and Consultants: Professionals providing insights and guidance on the strategic adoption of 5G technology for operators and businesses.


With limited seating available, please register your interest to secure your place. 


Doors Open: 09:00

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