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The Future of Voice


Tue, 27 Feb: 13:35 - 14:05 CEST

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MWC Broadcast Stage, Hall 4

Session Description

The voice call is the cornerstone of modern communications and remains one of the most trusted - and taken for granted methods of communication today. As a result of rising global scam and nuisance calls, 92% of consumers believe unidentified calls are fraudulent. Most carriers today are doing something to address this problem on their networks, but it's just the start to fixing the consumer experience and earning back trust. It’s time to rethink the future of voice as a product and experience and assert control through focused innovation while reestablishing trust in the voice network.

This session will discuss:
  -What is the future of voice as a product experience and how much value is at stake?
  -How much of a problem are unwanted calls to the voice experience and what are the implications?
  -What are carriers doing to protect and enhance their participation in the voice market?

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