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MEF Future of Mobile Summit

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Tue, 27 Feb: 09:00 - 13:00 CEST

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Partner Theatre 3, Hall 8.0 – 4YFN & Partner Theatres

Session Description

MEF once again takes centre stage at MWC for its Members, with the Future of Mobile Summit 2024.

In a 150 pax auditorium in Hall 8 Theatre 3 at the Fira, we will bring you must-see Sessions covering wide-spectrum topics such as AI, Authentication, Automations, and AIT.


9:00 - MEF Welcome and Opening

- Dario Betti, CEO - MEF

9:10 - Securing the Future of Messaging: Trust in the Era of AI breakthroughs - by Rakuten Viber

As the realms of modern technology and artificial intelligence converge, our communication landscape undergoes a profound transformation. From the rapid evolution of technology to the nuanced dynamics of human connection, this keynote unpacks the delicate balance between benefit and risk. In his keynote address, Ofir Eyal, CEO of Rakuten Viber, explores the past and present of the digital landscape, unveiling trends that have the power to reshape our lives and, more importantly, revolutionise the future of communication. Discover how we can secure the future of messaging, ensuring trust prevails in the era of AI breakthroughs.

- Ofir Eyal, CEO - Rakuten Viber

9:30 - Reinventing Customer Experiences with AI: Discerning Hype from Practical Application - by GMS

Hype or Real? Join us as we unpack the hype around AI's role in reinventing customer experiences and dive into its practical application. Can AI really transform our interactions with customers or is it just another buzzword? Embark on a journey with us as we spotlight revolutionary AI use cases, untangle the complexities of AI adoption, and adaptability to change. This session will offer a provocative look at AI's potential to revamp customer experiences.

- Nick Millward, Advisor - MEF

- Marina Petrova, Head of GenAI Business - GMS

9:50 - Growth opportunities in mobile through AI

Mike draws upon his vast experience in Electronics, Telecommunications, and as the Department for Business and Trade's first Chief Scientific Adviser, as well as his current position as Chief Architect at the Satellite Applications Catapult and Distinguished Visitor at NPL to bring us a privileged peek into the growth opportunities in mobile through AI.

- Dr Mike Short CBE, Chief Architect – Satellite Applications Catapult

10:00 - Growth opportunities in mobile through AI - by Department Business & Trade

This panel discussion will bring together leading industry experts to explore the profound impact of mobile technology on commerce in their industries, from sports and entertainment to digital products and beyond. Through dynamic dialogue and diverse perspectives, the session will delve into the innovative ways in which AI and other technologies within the mobile ecosystem are revolutionising the landscape of commerce, propelling global trade to new heights. Join us as our esteemed speakers shed light on the significant role of connectivity in driving global business forward, offering illuminating and inspiring insights.

- Dario Betti, CEO - MEF

10:30 - RCS made easy: boost your customer engagement. - Real-world insights from Picard's communication campaign by Sinch

Welcome to an engaging panel discussion focused on Rich Communication Services (RCS), with leading voices from Google, Orange, Picard, and Sinch. This session is designed to demystify RCS and show you how it's being used to create more engaging, interactive, and playful customer experiences. Picard's collaboration with Sinch highlights how RCS can boost engagement over the Christmas festive season with RCS. Whether you're just starting or looking to refine your RCS strategy, this panel promises to offer a blend of strategic insights, real-world applications and actional insights. Learn practical steps to begin using RCS, making it less intimidating and more effective for your business to use this innovative tool and enhance your customer interactions.

- Michael Power, RCS Advisor - MEF

- Virgine Debris, MD Messaging - Sinch

- Amelia Newsom-Davis, Director, Payment, Messaging & Identity - Orange

- Alix Berthon, CRM Manager - Picard

- Jan Jedrzejowic, Director of Product Management - Google

11:00 - Coffee Break

11:30 - Future of messaging: what are the next game-changers? by Rakuten Viber

Superapps, AI, voice search, extended reality – every year, more trends emerge in the tech industry. Which ones are game-changers, and which are merely temporary buzzwords? This panel of experts will delve into both existing and emerging tendencies and technologies that influence the messaging industry. They will seek to answer the question: what will shape the messaging landscape of tomorrow and how?

- Nick Millward, Advisor - MEF

- Cristina Constandache, Chief Revenue Officer - Rakuten Viber

- Miguel Peñate, Founder - ReplyNext

- Krešo Žmak, VP Products - Infobip

- Anurag Aggarwal, Chief Revenue Officer - GMS

12:00 - 2FA – Where’s the money going? by XConnect

We have seen the impact of AIT on SMS 2FA revenues, but the market still needs secure authentication… so what are the options and is SMS 2FA really on its way out?
This needs to work for the brands, the applications providers, the service providers and the end user… how should the ecosystem respond?

- Tim Ward, Chief Strategy Officer - XConnect

- Sri Ramachandran, CTO - SOMOS

- Luisa Sanchez, VP Messaging - Identidad

12:30 - Mobile Network Intelligence: The Secret Weapon in the Fight Against Fraud by Vodafone

Fraud continues to plague the mobile ecosystem, costing businesses and individuals billions annually. But what if there was a hidden weapon at our disposal, wielding real-time network data to expose and thwart these threats? Join us for a fireside chat with Adri Loloci, Senior Global Product Manager at Vodafone & Dario Betti, CEO at MEF as we delve into the power of mobile network intelligence.
-How real-time network data can identify and prevent evolving fraud schemes like social engineering.
-The exciting potential of APIs like Scam Signal that empower banks and businesses to protect their customers in real-time.
-Insights into building trust and security in the mobile ecosystem through collaborative innovation.

- Dario Betti, CEO - MEF

- Adri Loloci, Senior Global Product Manager – Vodafone Identity Hub

13:00 - Event close by MEF CEO Dario Betti

Thanks to the event sponsors Sinch, XConnect, Rakuten Viber, GMS, Vodafone and the Trade & Investment Partner Department for Business & Trade

Doors Open: 08:45

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