Connected Industries

Manufacturing Summit - Manufacturing Evolution: 5G's Role in Shaping Industry 5.0 and Beyond


Tue, 27 Feb: 16:00 - 16:30 CEST

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Connected Industries, Hall 4

Session Description

Dramatic forms of business evolution, technological innovation and related advances have been taking place within the context of Industry 4.0.


In recent years, the concept of Industry 5.0 has gained traction: a new paradigm in which capabilities are converging to enhance collaboration between humans and smart systems for a more sustainable and personalized industry value chain.


Integration of connectivity, such as 5G and computing capabilities, together with disruptive technologies, such as AI, is vital for this transformation, addressing industries’ priorities for their business evolution.


Join us to discover how these technologies and related ecosystems are pivotal in enabling Industry to evolve into a more human-machine collaborative and highly flexible model, heralding a new era where technology amplifies human potential in manufacturing and mobility of goods.


Panelists & moderator


o Javier Olveira, Director of Client Engineering, Orange
o Esther Matheo, General Director of Security, Processes and Corporate Systems, Adif
o Andres Vasquez, Global Segment Director for Cloud & Service Providers, Schneider Electric
o Hakim Achouri, Telco Expert for Digital Aviation, Airbus
o Jesús Martín, Partner. Head of Business Development Telecom, NTT DATA EMEAL
o Parm Sandhu, VP. Enterprise 5G Products and Services, NTT Ltd.


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