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Satellite and Non Terrestrial Networks Summit

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GSMA Intelligence

Wed, 28 Feb: 15:00 - 18:00 CEST

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MWC Stage C, Hall 6

Session Description

Satellite and NTN in the 5G era: coming to a place near you

Hosted by GSMA Intelligence

In a landmark moment, Apple's iPhone 14 has paved the way for transformative growth in the satellite industry by seamlessly integrating satellite connectivity. This breakthrough, coupled with the expansive coverage from LEO operators like Starlink, OneWeb/Eutelsat, and Amazon's Kuiper, signifies a monumental shift in the industry landscape. In parallel, the B2B and IoT opportunity has also garnered renewed interest given the growing coverage availability and lower delivery cost structure now that NTN standards are enshrined in 3GPP.

As the industry gains momentum, the satellite-enabled market is set to target 500-600 million people lacking coverage (7% of the global population), along with 300 million on the coverage edge and a staggering 2 billion IoT devices (10% of the addressable IoT base). 

Explore how satellites provide gap-free remote global connectivity and act as fail-safes in mission-critical scenarios, particularly in industries such as maritime, agriculture, and transportation. Join us in uncovering the potential of integrated dual-connectivity solutions, promising lower costs, device simplicity, and optimal reliability for existing embedded IoT applications.

As we move from experimental pilots to commercial launches in 2024 and 2025, join us as we explore strategic priorities, revenue expansion, competition dynamics, technology advances, viable business models, and the regulatory landscape in revolutionizing global connectivity through the seamless integration of satellites with mobile networks (4G and 5G). Equal focus on tapping into consumer and B2B/IoT customers provides a meaningful revenue uplift opportunity for telcos, satellite operators, technology companies, and systems integrators alike while realising the long-touted ambition of ubiquitous service availability.



• State of the Market (15:00-15:15; 15 minutes) | Hosted by GSMA Intelligence

• ESA Challenge Launch (15:15-15:35; 20 minutes) | Hosted by European Space Agency 

• Sponsor Keynote (15:35-15:55; 20 minutes) | Hosted by Fran Bogle, Chief Revenue Officer, ORBCOMM

• Panel: Telco-Satellite Convergence (15:55-16:35; 40 minutes) | Experts from Deutsche Telekom, ORBCOMM, Comtech and Avanti

Strategic rationale for growing use of satellite and NTN. Differentiating between offers of LEO/MEO/GEO constellations.   Implications for monetising consumer, enterprise/IoT and governmental use cases (e.g. emergency response). Timelines for capturing the addressable market.

• Sponsor Keynote (16:35-16:55; 20 minutes) | Hosted by Ken Peterman, President & CEO, Comtech

• Panel: Innovation pipeline and future outlook (16:55-17:35; 40 minutes) Experts from SpaceX, Airbus and more

How should we think about the impact of further technology upgrades?How should we think about the types of commercial models available? Regulation and standards 

• Sponsor Keynote (17:30-17:50, 15 minutes) | Hosted by Tamer Kadous, VP of Terrestrial Network, Globalstar

• Closing Summary (17:50-18:00; 10 minutes) | Hosted by GSMA Intelligence

Doors Open: 02:30

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