Keynote 2: The Digital Vision for Telcos


Mon, 26 Feb: 11:30 - 12:30 CEST

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MWC Main Stage, Hall 4

Session Description

Every generation of technology creates new consumer behaviours and revenue models. And over the past decade, mobile connectivity has delivered huge economic and social impact across the world, fuelling global players such as Meta, TikTok, Uber and now OpenAPI. The world has changed in that time and as the acceleration of digital disruption continues to pick up pace, mobile operators have been unable to achieve the financial rewards that match their influence. The impact of which means mobile operators are at a new juncture of their evolution, moving from connectivity to selling comprehensive solutions fit for digital use. It requires a new outlook - to delayer business models, to work with partners and free up resource to advance future growth in AI, robotics and cloud based 5G services. A new industry vision is one of digital optimism, are you ready?

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