GSMA Ministerial Programme

Five Years of 5G: Insights for Policymakers

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Mon, 26 Feb: 10:00 - 11:15 CEST

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CC5 Ministerial Stage, Hall Upper Walkway

Session Description

Reflecting on five years since 5G's introduction, the global telecom landscape has witnessed significant evolution. As GSMA Intelligence reveals, mobile operators are projected to spend $1.1 trillion on capex from 2020-2025, predominantly on 5G. With 2023 heralding 5G's launch in 30 new markets, primarily in Africa and Asia, and an uptick in demand for affordable private 5G in industries, the session will explore optimal strategies to harness 5G's potential, considering varied regional markets and the indispensable role of supportive policies.

Doors Open: 09:45

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