The Anatomy of Autonomous Networks


Mon, 26 Feb: 10:50 - 11:45 CEST

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MWC Stage B, Hall 6

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This session will include Connecting Everything’s theme welcome by Snowflake:


Bridging Industries Through Data Collaboration: The Telecom Advantage

This session focuses on the untapped potential of telecom data as a catalyst for cross-industry transformation. Participants will discover strategies to overcome data silos and utilize telecom insights for understanding customer behavior, boosting network performance, and advancing urban planning. We will focus on the importance of strategic data collaboration and the integration of Generative AI and Large Language Models (GenAI/LLMs) in fostering innovation. Attendees will learn how leveraging telecom data can lead to more efficient business models and enhanced customer experiences, underscoring the necessity for sophisticated data strategies and management platforms in our increasingly connected future.


Phil Kippen, Global Industry Leader - Telecommunications, Snowflake




In an era marked by exponential growth in data consumption and the deployment of new, data-intensive services, the industry is at a critical juncture. Traditional network management approaches struggle to keep pace with the ever-increasing demands, necessitating a shift towards intelligent Autonomous Networks. 


Join us as we explore how 5G, edge computing, Digital Twins and network virtualisation are enabling a fully automated environment, while focusing on the monumental impact of AI. Experts from across the industry will dissect the anatomy of a truly Autonomous Network, while showcasing real-world use cases that highlight how it powers network optimisation and predictive maintenance, self-heals, and delivers zero touch, zero wait services.

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