To Go Private Or To Slice?


Thu, 29 Feb: 10:00 - 10:45 CEST

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MWC Stage B, Hall 6

Session Description

This session will discuss the merits and challenges of two prominent approaches to network architecture: private networking and network slicing. There is however a clear disparity of investment and results between the two. With the Private LTE market expected to grow to $10.41 billion by 2028, compared to a mere $1.89 billion for Network slicing, what does the future look like for both? 


With Private Networking taking the lead, already boasting multiple use cases under its belt, will it take all the glory (and revenue) or does Network Slicing have a role to play? Is Private 5G the best option or will network slicing overtake and become an important part of our future networks? Let’s discuss.

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