How Much Spectrum is Needed for the 6G Era?


Mon, 26 Feb: 11:00 - 11:30 CEST

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MWC Debate Stage, Hall 6

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Spectrum is essential for mobile broadband mobile communication. Each new era of connectivity has distinct needs and 6G will require the right spectrum assets to fulfil its promise… but what frequencies will be used and how much capacity is needed? Today, roughly 650-750 MHz of mobile spectrum is typically available between 1-3 GHz, but it is estimated that about 2 GHz of mid-band spectrum are already required by 2030. Going into the 6G era, governments and regulators must continue working together to plan for the future and ensure that spectrum capacity is delivered by a global roadmap that is clear and fair for everyone.

Join us as we examine the challenges faced by network operators in meeting capacity demands. Experts in the field will talk about the factors that influence spectrum requirements, such as emerging technologies, increasing data consumption, and the deployment of new services. Through insightful discussions and analysis, this session will provide valuable insights into the spectrum needs for building robust and efficient networks of the future.

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