World-class Business School ESADE joins 4 Years from Now As Official Academic Sponsor

Barcelona is home to many world-class players, but none more so than the world leading ESADE business & law school. Ranked as one of the top business schools in the world by the Financial Times, it is an illustrious institution training the business leaders of tomorrow – filling the world with top talent, good practice and bright ideas. It is with that in mind that we very proud to announce that they are joining 4YFN again this year as a sponsor for the fourth year running.

We caught up with the ESADE’s Director General Koldo Echebarria to find out what he thinks about the future of business education and how things are changing.

1. What courses get the most demand?

Our international management programmes are the most popular with students from around the world. The chance to train at a top global institution like ESADE and the innovative, entrepreneurial, highly internationally diverse environment that Barcelona offers, are a virtually unbeatable combination.

2. What kind of students do you attract?

Every year, over 10,000 people from more than 100 countries study at ESADE. We are one of the most recognised European institutions in terms of international diversity in the classroom, as reflected in the rankings. Our programme portfolio includes undergraduate degrees in management, law and global governance, a wide range of MSc programmes for pre experience students, our acclaimed MBA and all sorts of executive education programmes.

3. How do you think learning will change?

Traditional and more classical learning, in which the teacher is the sole source of knowledge, is being replaced by blended-learning options. Participants will be able to acquire many basic types of knowledge and professional skills using a wide variety of digital tools. Then, they will have the chance to apply and integrate them in classroom dynamics and activities led by teachers with expertise in group management and co-creation processes.

4. Will robots really be the teachers of the future?

At ESADE, we studied this topic last year, presenting our conclusions during the 4YFN. The most important one was that, although robots can help teaching staff, we do not yet believe it is feasible for them to perform a teacher’s most important role in its entirety. In other words, with the current state of the art, robots cannot be the teachers of the future. They will be able to assist teachers, to reinforce certain learning dynamics or lead very clearly delineated learning activities.

5. How will ESADE be different, 4 years from now?

ESADE will change at the same rate as society and the global world we live in. We are a highly flexible institution, oriented towards promoting and developing careers. However, there is one thing that will never change at ESADE: learning in our classrooms will always be a transformative experience for all our students.


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