Using the startup ecosystem to change the whole world

4YFN is all about connecting founders and funders, so who better to have with us this year than the founder of the Founder Institute himself? Adeo Ressi will be a headline speaker at 4YFN now, enlightening us about our shared passion for using technology for good. Not only does Adeo’s international accelerator help startups to get off the ground all over the world, it aims to inject purpose as well as profit into the budding businesses.

We spoke with Adeo to find out where he thinks the world will be in 100 years and how entrepreneurs are going to change the world.

What are you talking about at the conference?

The topic of my keynote is “Purpose Driven Entrepreneurship Can Change the World”.

Far too many entrepreneurs pass on building businesses for purpose in favor of building businesses for profit. However, I believe we have finally arrived at a time where you can build a company that aligns with your values, provide real benefit to the world, and generate returns.

I believe that entrepreneurs can align their personal values with their startup mission to create exponential value for people around the globe. I have seen it happen, and I intend on sharing some lessons on how you can achieve the extraordinary.

What are you passionate about?

Simply put, I’m very passionate about helping humanity achieve our individual and collective potential, and I believe entrepreneurship is the most effective way to enact change.

For startups specifically, there are many challenges facing humanity and we need companies working on solutions in every category. These categories include humanity’s general well-being, improving the blatant discrepancy between overconsumption and lack of necessities, advances in non-addictive communication, and community improvement through effective governance, to name a few.

I want people who start and lead companies to be aware of the opportunities to make an impact, and take responsibility for contributing positively to our society.

What is the future of your field?

For the Founder Institute, this question is a bit challenging because we are working with founders in every field and market. However, we believe our job for the future is to inspire and empower founders to build enduring purpose-driven businesses.

Why is it so important?

The cost to launch companies is racing to zero, and the ability to reach the right customers is becoming easier by the day. Entrepreneurship has essentially been democratized, but as a society we are not using this power for the greater good.

Technology should help highlight the best parts of humanity, not the worst parts – like addiction, vanity, materialism, and tribalism. Instead of preying on our faults and selling us useless products, tech entrepreneurs should help solve some of the biggest problems facing mankind – like poverty, nutrition, healthcare, energy, governance, inequality, and climate change.

You are starting to see a renaissance where more purpose-driven businesses are being created, but we are just scratching the surface. We have an immense opportunity to build a bright future and entrepreneurs are going to lead the way.

What are your favourite sayings (they can be your own)? Words to live by?

You Can’t Pivot on the Purpose of Your Life.

You are the average of those that surround you.

Purpose + Passion = Power.

What does the world look like in 50-100 years?

In 100 years humanity, as we define it today, will be substantially different. Many believe that we will have reached the point of technological singularity by then. Leading up to that there will be a lot of advances in cognition, which is why I feel so strongly about making the world a better place and improving humanity before we get there.

Where will you be four years from now?

As a business, I’d like us to be present in every major market around the world, empowering entrepreneurs to tackle the most pressing and important problems facing society.

I strongly believe that for every passionate entrepreneur that we empower, an exponential amount of societal value can be created.


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