TravelPerk’s Awesome Journey from 4YFN to MWC19

TravelPerk is the fastest growing Software as a Service company in Europe and top 5 fastest growing in the world. Having been founded in 2015, TravelPerk’s journey so far has been one of soaring success: the company recently closed its Series C funding and opened offices in London and Berlin this year.

4YFN has been lucky enough to be part of the ride, hosting TravelPerk as an exhibitor in 2017 as well as on stage. Now, four years from its inception, TravelPerk will exhibit at MWC19, supporting the company’s growth from a promising startup to an established business, firmly alongside the tech big boys.

We caught up with TravelPerk’s CEO and co-founder Avi Meir to talk about their experience and their awesome success.

When did you first exhibit at 4YFN?

We had a presence from 2017, and last year we had both a booth and were privileged enough for our co-founder Javier to speak both at the 4YFN pitching competition and onstage.

What inspired you to take part in the conference?

Participating in 4YFN was a no-brainer for us, with ten of thousands of attendees, it’s one of the world’s premier startup events and it’s on our doorstep in Barcelona. As a company, TravelPerk has been very committed to Barcelona from day one, and part of that is due to the talent that’s here, and there’s no better place than 4YFN to go out and meet that talent. It’s also an event that has a lot of international visitors who travel, and travelers means people who are traveling for business and are ready for a better experience. In other words, that’s potential new customers for us. Add on to that the fact that 4YFN is an important tech event where we could reach out to people in that community and learn from them (it was good for our profile too) and we had almost no choice but to attend.

What benefits did you enjoy as a result of your participation?

We met a great many people who were tired of their traditional business travel experiences and we managed to turn some of those into customers, so that alone was worth it. On top of that we had the opportunity to improve our standing in the international startup community with Javier really enjoying his time on stage. When we weren’t running our booth, we did manage to get out and see some of the talks and the feedback from the team was that they learned some really valuable pointers that they could take back to work and use to make an impact.

Who did you meet there? What important connections did you make?

As I mentioned, we met some prospective new customers, but also made some really good connections around our fellow startups in Barcelona, always a good thing for exchanging war stories and learning from those who’ve already tried things.

Did the experience a big difference to your business?

We got those customers onboard and as this was an early exhibition experience for us, learned a good deal too about how to exhibit effectively.

What about your 4YFN experience?

As a startup, even after a Series C, you have to be really careful about where you invest your resources. 4YFN made a lot of sense for us: we got to network, we met investors, scored some great customers. The attendees and content was directly relevant to us. Now, as a firmly established business, we’re graduating to MWC for the first time.

Very short overview of growth over the period (including investment rounds)

June 2016 – $7M
April 2018 – $21m (Round B)
October 2018 – $44m (Series C)
Grown to over 200 employees currently, with team growth tripling in 2018.


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