Startup of the month: Absolute Zero

Absolute Zero is a deep tech and cloud infrastructure provider for professional immersive media productions.

The immersive media industry is at an early stage of its lifecycle and expected to grow 100x in the next few years. Absolute Zero are building tools that are fully integrated along the 360° media value chain and enable most simple immersive productions and broadcasting directly from producer to audience – or as white label solution for large event media broadcasters. The company’s product portfolio comprises:

  • 360° cameras
  • 360° drones
  • Cloud-based platform-as-a-service
  • Interactive immersive event broadcasting
  • 360° Stock footage marketplace


Absolute Zero sold 22 cameras to customers in seven countries, generating a turnover of 70.000 EUR. Now they are looking to raise a late seed round of 850.000 EUR until April 2019, in order to:

A) Create a stock of 100 cameras and to cultivate their retail channel presence (sales target 2019: 300-500 units);
B) Hire 6-8 FTEs in sales and production;
C) And reduce COGS by 65%.

Absolute Zero is an alumni of Impact Growth and recently entered Deutsche Telekom’s 5G and edge cloud accelerator Hub:raum. They bring 200.000€ additional capital, a fully prepared team of specialists with +45 years of domain experience, and a worldwide network of partners and sub-contractors in tech, sales, logistics, and distribution.


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