Spacetech Entrepreneur Izan Peris wants to launch you to the stratosphere!

Izan is ELEVATE’s Head of Product at Zero 2 Infinity, a stratospheric balloon operation service and an important partner to 4YFN. Zero 2 Infinity offers customers the capability of testing equipment in space-like conditions or generating brand awareness – from three times above the altitude of a commercial aircraft (above 30km).

With a background as a Systems Engineer with the German Aerospace Centre and as the co-founder of a startup called Disrupt Space, Izan is perfectly place to teach us about entrepreneurship and its role in spacetech.

This year, 4YFN has launched a special project with Zero 2 Infinity, sending the ambitions of our startup community into the stratosphere. We spoke with Izan to find out more about the project, about what Zero Infinity is up to and what the future holds.

Tell us a bit about Zero 2 Infinity

Zero 2 Infinity is a space transportation company founded in 2009 by José Mariano López-Urdiales with the mission of simplifying access to space. Since 2017, our main business activity ELEVATE has been carrying payloads of up to 500kg to the stratosphere with a variety of purposes: scientific, commercial and academic.

What are your plans for the business now?

At Zero 2 Infinity, we are currently focused on the development of several applications for
ELEVATE. Specifically, STRATOS is the first of a family of vehicles designed for hardware flight tests ranging from 1 to 100kg with special emphasis on the high altitude platforms (HAPS) market.

In the same way, we are increasing operations for SPHERE, a branch from ELEVATE dedicated to using the stratospheric environment as a new and attractive medium for brands to advertise and raise awareness, which is fully operational today.

With operations based in Spain, ELEVATE offers a fully reliable and functional platform to
operate balloons in the stratosphere. By leveraging the experience and know-how obtained after
conducting flight campaigns for major clients in the aerospace industry, we also have other
innovative projects, including the development of a small satellite launcher (Bloostar) and a
pressurized pod for space tourism and research (Bloon).

What encouraged you to participate in the 4YFN Barcelona 2019?

Startups working in the spacetech domain have always struggled to approach a non-specialized audience. We think that 4YFN is the bridge to help people learn about what we do at Zero 2 Infinity and bring ELEVATE to a larger audience. This translates into offering SPHERE, as a marketing tool to leverage the uniqueness of the space environment and enable companies to raise brand awareness or sell a product.

Participating at 4YFN Barcelona 2019 is an exciting opportunity as we are bringing the space environment to entrepreneurs in many different fields. This event puts us in front of an audience composed of bright minds, forward thinkers and risk takers. We could not think of a better platform to help bring our technology closer to the entire innovation ecosystem.

Do you have any success stories or anything that you wish to share with us?

We are the only private company offering a stratospheric balloon operation service in Europe, having completed more than 40 successful flight campaigns for major aerospace players. We will have exciting announcements during 2019, so stay tuned!

What’s the inspiration behind the stratosphere project?

This project with 4YFN has a very profound meaning for us. Since our foundation as a company, all flight campaigns that we have performed have allowed us to see our planet from above. Admiring its beauty, its lack of frontiers and its fragility is a reminder for us as humans to monitor and protect this planet. Working closely with 4YFN, we have been able to elevate the dreams and resolutions for the future ahead of us. What these entrepreneurs and leaders of tomorrow have to say will shape how our world will look like four years from now.

Where will Zero 2 Infinity be in four years from now?

In four years from now, Zero 2 Infinity will not only be able to elevate your messages to the stratosphere but take YOU to it! We want to enable access to space for people and help connect all the corners of our planet. Are you coming with us or are you staying on the ground? Let’s go together from Zero 2 Infinity!


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