Investor of the month August: Alex Mojtahedi, Plug and Play Tech Centre

Our investor of the month represents Plug and Play, known for their contribution to boosting the startup ecosystem in the US and globally as well as directly supporting a staggering number of over 5,000 startups. Plug and Play Los Angeles has partnered with 4YFN Americas to further demonstrate their ongoing commitment to fueling innovations around the globe.

Alex Mojtahedi is a Managing Director at Plug and Play Tech Center, the most active venture capital firm in the United States. With over three decades of experience in Silicon Valley, Plug and Play has built the most extensive innovation platform and the startup ecosystem on the planet, making over 250 global investments annually.

Since its inception, Plug and Play has housed many successful startups and entrepreneurs, such as the Google co-founders, Danger, Lending Club, PayPal, Vudo and Dropbox. The firm has nurtured over 5000 startups and has built a formidable roster of over 220 global corporate partners across 14 different verticals. Altogether, Plug and Play’s startup community has raised over $7 billion in venture funding and hold a market cap of over $35 billion. Plug and Play has now expanded to 11 countries in over 26 locations including Germany, France, Brazil, China, Japan, and Singapore.

In helping expand the firm’s national presence, Alex is now focused on overseeing the Plug and Play Los Angeles division. Utilizing over a decade of management, research, and development experience in science and technology fields, Alex is responsible for overseeing the operations, as well as building out the team, expanding the corporate network, and forming new strategic partnerships. Alex is also leading the pre-seed, seed and series A investments in the Southern California region. To learn more about exciting developments in the startup ecosystem, meet with Alex in person at 4YFN Americas, MWC Americas, Los Angeles in September.

Plug and Play is part of a long list of entities partnering with 4YFN Americas.



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