Four Year Journey from Startup to Corporate: FindThatLead

Four years after first exhibiting at 4YFN, innovative lead generator FindThatLead is graduating from startup to corporate and taking a stand at MWC.

FindThatLead is a tool to identify sales targets via email and started out as a small Chrome extension to help customers find corporate emails on social profiles.

Brought to 4YFN by an incubator, FindThatLead had just a few hours to share a booth and demonstrate its tool. And those few hours turned out to be an instrumental moment in the company’s growth and development.

Gerard Compte, FindThatLead’s MD said “The event allowed us to be able to get to know and receive invaluable direct feedback from our users. We met new talent there and many investors also visited us and we were able to create many connections. That kind of exposure for an early stage startup is unbelievably fortunate.”

“Four years later, FindThatLead will be exhibiting at the MWC for the first time, a real milestone for the company and far beyond our expectations four years ago. Exhibiting at 4YFN four years ago was a turning point in the journey of our business and here we are still working and growing together.”

FindThatLead plans to continue growing and become an integral prospecting tool.

It will be showcasing a new mobile app aimed at professionals in the telecommunications sector. FindThatLead has tools now for creating email campaigns from start to finish and is on its way to becoming a 360º lead generation tool. The next step is to become a reference in the generation of professional contacts for companies by creating a CRM to complete the current tools.


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