Coworking spaces will become the centrepieces of communities around the world

OneCoWork is more than a coworking space currently based in Barcelona. It is a community bringing together innovation, collaboration and creativity across its three locations in the heart of the city and has big plans to roll out its offering much further afield. People are the foundation of OneCoWork and together the community expands their horizons to fulfil their business potential.

OCW created a beautiful tailor-made coworking space at 4YFN19 in Barcelona to showcase its unique style and ultra-convenience. We caught up with OneCoWork after the big event to find out more about their plans for this inspiring coworking community.

OneCoWork is about more than just space – tell us about your purpose.

OneCoWork was born in Barcelona in 2016 with a mission to spark joy in the world of work. Our community is founded on a culture of passion, inclusivity, ambition and diversity. This vision goes beyond simply offering businesses a shared workspace and our purpose is to enable a diverse global community to maximise its impact on the world.

What is OCW passionate about?

We pride ourselves on our exceptional design and 5-star service. Our motivation is to create workspaces that make you feel welcome and inspire your best work. We are constantly striving to bring more value to our members with strategic services, exclusive perks and an engaged global community.

What inspired OCW to take part in 4YFN?

We were born from the vibrant landscape of the Barcelona startup ecosystem and view 4YFN as the paramount tech conference in this city. It was also a perfect moment to announce our latest location: OneCoWork Gotico, in the heart of Barcelona’s Old City.

Why would you recommend to participate at 4YFN?

4YFN is a rapidly growing business platform that expands its international reach each year. If you’re a brand with global ambitions, it’s a tremendous opportunity to realise your potential and develop new connections otherwise outside of your circle of influence.

What is the future of your field? And OCW plans for the future?

We believe coworking will become ubiquitous in the near future as freelancers, SMEs, startups, and corporates discover the value of collaborative workspaces. Coworking spaces will become the centrepieces of communities around the world – hubs for education, innovation and knowledge sharing.

Specialised industries will develop niche coworking spaces devoted to their craft and global innovation will accelerate as people connect and interact with the talent, resources and partners they need to bring their ideas to life.

We’d like to play a leading role in enabling that reality and help create what is clearly the future of work.

Our expansion plans are swift and aggressive: we aim to open 40 locations in the next 4 years – mainly in Europe, but are considering new opportunities anywhere in the world if it’s aligned with our vision.

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