Around Promises AI-Improved Targeting on Social Media

The total number of social media users globally is roughly half the global population. Platforms like Whatsapp and Facebook handle more than 60 billion messages per day, meaning social media is a behemoth of a market, eclipsed only by markets for utilities like water and electricity. [1] The market is expanding, and so are the options for navigating it.

Budding social network Around promises to connect users while reducing ad noise with better ad targeting delivered with cutting-edge AI technologies. We spoke to Around’s Managing Director Rasool Seyghaly to find out more about their plans for 4YFN Shanghai and taking over the world of social media by storm.

Tell me about your company and/or your technology

We are developing and designing a new social and advertising platform for people all around the world to enable them to connect and share their experiences as well as accessing the newest events, discounts and adverts customized just for them. We use beacons with machine learning to minimize the ad noise around the users and give them the best shopping experience possible. We are developing a completely new and fast protocol for our messaging system that works per-fectly even with poor internet connections. We want users to be able to connect whenever and wherever they want, with whatever equipment they have. We will add new features like indoor positioning and new messaging with each update.

Why are you coming to 4YFN?

Firstly, we are looking for other startups to interact with in order to enter the market in a more powerful way. Secondly, we want to meet the people or companies that can invest in our applica-tion.

How is the world changing and how does that impact the development of your product or service?

The massive amounts of complex data on social networks and the need for AI and IoT have al-lowed us to present a new social network to the market built on cutting edge technologies.

How does the geographical market or industry that you operate in differ from others?

What differentiates our social network from other similar apps, is using multiple technologies such as “IOT”, block chain and proximity tech which result in providing a new, win-win ecosystem for both users and businesses.

What technologies and cutting edge fields of research are you really excited about?

We are really excited to see all of the possibilities created by IoT, Artificial Intelligence and machine learning.

What’s new at your company?

We want to create a new ecosystem in tourism and entertainment in order to lead users to their preferred and required businesses. We want to enhance users’ behavior on social networks, which ultimately affect their real lives.

What will your presence at 4YFN look like?

We will have a demo on the newly designed and developed mobile platforms as well as the proximity technology we use to enrich the advertising mechanism.

What is the best way to get in touch with you to find out more?

Please contact me at [email protected] – you can reach me anytime!


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