Airning to Tackle Flight Disruption with Disruptive Technology

Flight delays are deeply frustrating. The endless wait in the airport may be boring, but the knock-on impact for missed connections, wasted journeys and unattended meetings is especially costly. There is some upside – it is often possible to claim compensation for your late arrival, if you can be bothered with admin.

4YFN Shanghai startup exhibitor Airning promises to change all of that. Not only have they built an online service to make reclaiming your compensation a breeze, they are also building a predictive model with big data and machine learning to identify in advance when flights are likely to be delayed.
If you were stuck in an airport for hours because of the recent French Air Traffic strikes, this is exactly the kind of service you need in your life. We caught up with Airning’s Chief Operating Officer Andrei Boar to find out more about what Airning has in store for frustrated passengers around the world.

Tell me about your company and/or your technology?

Airning is the air passengers’ companion. We are committed to enforce air passenger rights when they have to face flight delays and cancellations.

We manage compensations after a flight disruption happened. But we also are creating a predictive model which allow the passengers and travel agencies to see if there will be a disruption before it happen.

Why are you coming to 4YFN?

We want to enter in the Asia market so we are looking for partners (travel agencies) and are seeking a round A of investment of 1.5M euros.

How is the world changing and how does that impact the development of your product or service?

We will allow passengers to arrive to their final destination instead of being stuck at the airport and also to be informed at each moment they are at the airport.

How does the geographical market or industry that you operate in differ from others?

Nobody in our sector can predict flight delays before they happen, therefore our product is completely different and doesn’t exist in the market.

What technologies and cutting edge fields of research are you really excited about?

I am really excited about the developments in machine learning and Big Data which are making it possible to create this predictive model.

What’s new at your company?

We are creating a predictive model that will allow passengers and travel agencies to know if a flight will be disrupted before it happens. This information will allow people to change their flights or their other travel plans to minimise the disruption to their journeys.

What is the best way to get in touch with you to find out more?

We always want to hear from interested parties, whether they are potential customers or investors. Please feel free to contact me at [email protected]

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